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Antoinette NUNZI jewelry designer in Bastelica.

More than just holiday memories, these are the deep values ​​of an identity that designer Antoinette Nunzi wants to transcribe in a collection of Corsican jewelry.

Nanarella, a name in homage to family roots, echoes the lullabies ("Nanne" in Corsican) sung in the evening by her grandmother.

A young woman passionate about fashion from an early age and born in Bastelica... quite a paradox. After studying in Paris at a fashion school and multiple experiences in fashion journalism, a hitherto unpublished idea pushed Antoinette Nunzi to return to her mountain village in order to create and market a new concept.

In 2005, this first collection of poetic and colorful identity jewelry, designed in noble materials and careful attention to detail, enjoyed immediate success.

Aged 23, Antoinette Nunzi begins to bring Corsica and its symbols to the wrists of a public fond of authenticity and values ​​that everyone likes to claim. The beginning of a beautiful story...

"L'identité se porte comme un Charm's" -  Made in Corsica, sept 2013

"L'identité se porte comme un Charm's" - Made in Corsica, sept 2013

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Bracelet Amore - Bijouterie Nanarella

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